I’m a catastrophe – a crazy mess

I want to escape this mental labyrinth in which I am eternally lost.. I’m exhausted of the endless vigor, the overwhelming emotions and the perpetual internal battle for peace. I feel weak; exhausted and drained. My body shakes, trembles. My heart longs, endlessly. Seeking an abysmal love that flows wild and unrestrained. My mind craves pacification, silence, clarity. My body needs rest. And my soul desires YOU. 

I’m a catastrophe – a crazy mess.. But I know that I yearn for your touch. I need your embrace. I want your entire entity and I long aimlessly for your presence.. I just want to “be” with you. To exist in your presence. To feel your energy, and allow our spirits to play.
I would steal stars for you. Or catch the ocean in my hands.
For you, I’d make magic..

Crazy mess


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