Being healthy and happy is…

Being healthy and happy is not about having the ”perfect” or ”ideal” body. It’s not about having the ”perfect” meals and snacks.

It’s about feeling good about your mind, your soul and your body. It’s all in one.
It’s about waking up in the morning looking forward to the day that will come,
it’s about looking at the sun and realizing that we don’t need big things to be happy,
it’s about spending time with the ones you love and the ones who love you back,
it’s about nourishing yourself, getting good, tasty food you love,
it’s about taking care of yourself in a constructive way,
it’s about learning, developping, getting to know people & things in this life,
it’s about being able to address your own limits, to ask for help & support and not feel bad or ashamed about it,
it’s about being forgiving towards yourself and towards others,
it’s about doing things you love without letting other people interfear of what you should or shouldn’t do,
it’s about smiling to yourself in the mirror.

The world is more than this, the world is more than our obsessions with food, weight and the ”perfect” body. Perfect does not exist in this life. It’s the imperfections that makes us beautiful and human.


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